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 At Everyone Love Someone, we encourage scholars to work within the community and leverage their stewardship ability to benefit communities in need.

Our Social Impact Projects are intended to foster more cross-disciplinary collaborations between

at-risk communities, students & entrepreneurs. 











Summer 2020 

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of the population is affected by at least one adverse childhood experience.

We are here to help prevent and address the widespread impact of trauma.


In the impact-focused world, our true north will always be those beneficiaries for whom we seek to create positive, long-lasting change.


Thus, even when faced with resource constraints when managing projects, that guiding factor plays an important role in decision-making. Often, this makes decisions much harder.

Given these 5 disciplines as a base to think about our social impact project management style, as well as the impact-oriented perspective, let’s examine those elements which are essential to being successful at balancing both

S: Shelter

H: Hygiene

I: Inspiration

N: Nutrition

E: Education

Ericka L Stewart celebrates over 15+ years of experience supporting thousands of children and their families utilizing trauma-informed approaches.  


Everyone Love Someone Social Impact Consulting provides a curated variety of options and packages and will tailor staff development and community engagement to meet the specific needs of the at-risk community and their surrounding community stakeholders.

The SHINE ProgramMe was developed as a tailor-made solution- A unique multidisciplinary and theoretical training that not only focuses on trauma’s impact on the brain but also provides healing interventions and strategies that can help bring growth and transformation to impacted areas starting with families, communities and schools.